The Lyrics of Neil Hannon - The Divine Comedy

Neil Hannon has never cared much for labels; the term 'pop music' has never restricted him, like so many others, to a narrow range of lyrical themes. In the twenty years since the release of the first Divine Comedy record, Hannon has built up a large and dedicated following for his brand of tragic-comic songwriting.

This book collects all his wonderful lyrics to produce a fine compendium of Neil's wit, whimsy, wordplay and wisdom.

Hannon often employs strict meters and multiple internal rhymes. He says, "they help me say what I want to say, rather than constrict my flow." His songwriting is rarely abstract or surreal, yet it's structures contain hidden depths of meaning which reward repeated listening. "Having something exist beneath the surface is like the difference between a revealing dress and complete nakedness. Me, I've always been a fan of the revealing dress".

Neil's intelligent lyrics contain a desire to communicate and this is a must have for all followers of his work.


166pp   Pocket Sized Hardback  164x105mm   The Lyric Book Co.

   "I am delighted that The Lyric Book Company have taken it upon themselves to publish 'The Lyrics Of Neil Hannon'. My thanks to them for all their hard work in getting it together. My personal title preference was 'The Bizarre Ramblings of a Romantic Idiot' but it wasn't up to me.

When we began the compilation process we had to decide what and what not to include. We thought long and hard about it, then included everything. Not because it's all fantastic (far from it) but because it's meant to be more of a reference book than a rip roaring page turner. Please forgive some of the youthful naivite. Not to mention the aged stupidity.

So there you are, the stuff in my brain, chopped up and rhymed. Enjoy."

                                                                                         Neil Hannon

"Oh, this *is* a lovely little book! :) Going to enjoy reading this… "

                                                                   Simon Bromley via Twitter 


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